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I made a slideshow about how to create a fictional character… I got most of the information from the ‘start writing fiction’ (free) course on the OpenUniversity website and found it incredibly useful so here’s a visual version for you :)

5 Common Story Problems with Simple Fixes



Our stories are often plagued with these common story problems, but if we don’t know how to fix them, we’ll never improve our writing. It’s important that you remember you don’t need to scrap your novel if you keep having the same issues over and over again. Hopefully this…

Learning the Essentials of Plotting Your Novel



I get a lot of questions about plotting, so I figured I’d write up some tips on getting started. Learning how to plot your novel can be difficult, but it’s really all about knowing what your characters want and how they’re going to get it or attempt to get it. A character…


II received a few asks about this and I gave some tips on m other tumblr recently so HERE!! Hope it helps!

THESE are not absolute rules of course and it’s best to work with real refs as well to see what works for you! 

Hello, I've been silently following you guys for a while now (you're amazingly helpful!) and I have a question. When is the best time to have a character admit his/her romantic feelings for another. I'm trying to avoid the cliche of a character blurting it out in the middle of a hugely climactic scene, but my mind keeps grinding to a halt. Help?


Hello friend! Good to hear from you.

The answer is: There is no best time.

In terms of storytelling, there are certainly good and bad times and ways. If the admission doesn’t suit the pace, or it feels out of character, it will be jarring and strange to the audience. The cliche of blurting feelings in the middle of a climactic scene is a cliche because it heaps drama on top of drama on top of emotion- which is really great and dramatic if you can do it right, but it’s been done and poorly done so often that it’s not as fresh anymore.

So, instead, let’s think about your characters, and what seems in character for them. I don’t know your plot, but you should be able to figure out when the admission would feel right.

- Why hasn’t your character said anything yet? Are they afraid of being rejected? Maybe they’ve already been rejected, and are respecting their friend by not bringing it up again. They could be bad with feelings, and uncomfortable with their crush. Their crush could be happy with someone else. Maybe the situation is complicated, and there are other factors that make the situation more difficult. (Are they cool with me being ace? Are they cool with me being a boy?) It’s possible that the person in question hasn’t been told, but is perfectly aware that their friend has a crush on them, and will eventually get fed up and call them out about it so that they can be happy (I’m slightly fond of that one).
It doesn’t seem like admitting feelings would be so hard, but it frequently takes a lot of courage to do so.

- What method or words would your character likely use for a confession of love? I will tell all of y’all that being as direct and straightforward as possible is the best course of action, but your characters don’t always know that. Some people might spew poetry under pressure, but frequently, love confessions are rather awkwardly worded, a bit fumbling, maybe not perfect. You know how your character speaks, stick to it! Don’t make them say something beautiful but totally unlike them. Additionally- are they an in-person type? Will they leave a letter? Cryptogram? It’s up to them and you.

I hope that helped some! Again, think about your characters, and their relationship, and what feels right for them. You’ll figure it out!



So I wrote and animated this tutorial for people working on my short film Bothered, but I figured it would be useful for all animators, particularly beginners. I borrowed some of these concepts from this awesome packet done by Jon Hooper and Michel Gagne, which is also pretty great!




An adequate fuck-ton of hood-like references.

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This is extremely helpful!


2014 “Magical Girl” Acrylic paint, Canvas F10 17.91x20.86

exhibition work
"Magical Girl Heroines: Sailor Moon and sailor senshi"

Making video :) / Canvas art “Magical Girl”